Control Panel > Custom Compliance Editor

The custom compliance editor allows users to create customized compliance modules based on their internal security controls and cloud compliance frameworks. A compliance framework is a structured set of guidelines that details an organization's business processes for maintaining accordance with established regulations, specifications, or legislation of their own internal cloud security control framework. It starts with a standard that is the overall title of the report in this case.

That report is populated by the results of specific controls; each control will map to one or many ESP signatures. The results of the signatures, PASS or FAIL, will determine if the control passes or fails. The controls are grouped logically by domains. For example, you may want all of your identity and access controls grouped in one domain and all of your storage or encryption controls grouped in separate domains.

Thus, you have a compliance report comprised in the following manner:


        -> Domain1

        --> Control A

                -->which is mapped to a specific ESP Signature #name#

        -> Domain2

        --> Control B

               -->which is mapped to a specific ESP Signature #name#

        --> Control C

                -->which is mapped to a specific ESP Signature #name#


To create a new custom standard, users must first purchase a license to create a new standard, as the limit is 0 by default. However, each compliance standard is granted 100 domains/controls. Contact your Evident Sales representative for information.

The Compliance Editor has a 1 external account per standard limitation. Please contact if this limit needs to be raised.