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A signature is an automated validation of best security practices against the resources on your AWS or Microsoft Azure account created by Evident for you. Multiple alerts may be generated from a single signature if the validation fails across multiple resources.

A custom signature is an automated validation against your organization best practice. An alert is generated when this validation fails or the signature judges that there is a potential security risk. A custom signature is used when the default best practice protocols are insufficient for a specific need. For example, if you wanted to ensure that each of your EC2 instances was tagged with information for your accounting department, you could write a custom signature to do this.

For information on creating a custom signature, read our Github page.

Click New to create a New Custom Signature.

Every custom signature has some common elements that you can use to view a filtered list of all the signatures available on the Evident service:




Name of the custom signature. You can sort in ascending or descending alphabetical order by name.

Risk Level

Sorts by risk level.


Timestamp of the last update for the custom signature.


Timestamp of when the custom signature was created.


Click Search to view additional options that enable you to isolate specific attributes and narrow the custom signature information that is displayed. Available options are:

  • Name
  • Organization
  • Risk Level

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