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PagerDuty provides alerting, on-call scheduling, escalation policies and incident tracking to increase uptime of your apps, servers, websites and databases. Check the control panel > intergrations > pagerduty">PagerDuty guide for help.

Provide a PagerDuty API Key below and we will create incidents for the signatures you choose. If you subscribe to Fail/Warn/Error alert statuses then we will create incidents for those alerts. We will resolve those incidents if the alerts later pass and you subscribed to pass.

Note: We only create incidents for new alerts. If you set your incidents to autoresolve after a certain amount time, a new incident will not be created.

  1. From your PagerDuty dashboard, click Services at the top.
  2. Click the Add New Service button on the services page.
  3. Name the service and set the escalation policy to your preferences.
  4. Under Integration Type, choose Select a Tool then select from the list.
  5. Enter the Service API Key that is listed on the left.