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Evident offers an organizational hierarchy that allows for the separation of duties and the implementation of the ‘the principle of least privilege best practice’ so you can enable granular access or permissions. It is important for you to create and maintain the organizational structure for your cloud resources before you connect the Evident service to them. Otherwise, future users could have incorrect editing privileges or improper access to sensitive information.

Here’s a list of organizational objects/attribute/items Evident supports to help you figure out how best to classify your resources based on business and security needs:

  • Organization - The overall company or business unit that has the Evident subscription. This is the major unit that contains your cloud resources. Evident will automatically create one for you upon you creating an account with the Evident Service.
  • Sub Organization - A business unit, or department. Consider this a way to divide your resources into different major departments or wings of your organization so that you can properly compartmentalize all your important information and make it available only to those that need access to it.
  • Teams – A smaller unit often dedicated to a single aspect of your business. This is a way for you to divide your sub-organizations into smaller units that have the exact level of privileges required for their positions.
  • Users - A user is a single unit assigned to a single person. This allows you to track everything said employee is doing with your resources. A user can be assigned to sub-organizations and teams and then thereafter fall under their privilege umbrella, avoiding the need to assign individual user’s privileges.
  • External Account - This unit represents AWS account or Azure subscription and can only belong to a single team. External Account allows an organization to contain and curate information from different types of cloud resources (both AWS and Microsoft Azure)

Click Edit button if you want to update your Organization.

Each Organization lists its associated Sub Organizations. Teams, Users, and External Accounts. Click the + next to the Sub Organzations, Teams, Users, or External Accounts to create an entirely new one.

The following options are available on this page:




Change the name of your organization

Require MFA

Require Multi Factor Authentication

Enable New Signatures

Enable all new signatures to automatically be vetted and approved.


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