Control Panel > Users

A user is a single unit assigned to a single person. This allows you to track everything said employee is doing with your resources. A user can be assigned to sub-organizations and teams and then thereafter fall under their privilege umbrella, avoiding the need to assign individual user’s privileges.

Click New to create a new User.

Every user has some common elements that you can use to filter and sort:



Work Email

Sorts by work email assigned to the user.

Last Signed In

Sorts by timestamp of the last time this user signed into the Evident service.


Sorts by timestamp of the last update for the User.


Sorts by timestamp of when the User was created.



  • Organization Name
  • Sub Organization Name
  • Team Name
  • Work Email
  • Role Name


Open the history page for this user.

Edit Email

Edit the email for this user

Edit User

Opens the New User page populated with this users information to edit as needed.