A report is a record of every alert generated for a specific organization, sub-organization, or team. Leverage the Reports page to generate reports curated with specific filters, monitor patterns of alerts, and then drilldown to specific alerts to learn the recommended remediation steps to address specific problems.

All generated reports are listed in order of its alert severity.



Sub Organization

Filters reports in descending alphabetical order of the sub organizations from which the reports are derived.


Filters reports in descending alphabetical order of the teams from which the reports are derived.


Filters the reports in descending order from the Created date of the reports.


Click Search to view additional options that enable you to isolate specific attributes and narrow the report information that is displayed. You can narrow the reports by: Organization Name, Sub Organization Name, Team Name, External Account Name, Create After, and Created Before.

YYou can search in the Signature ID field for any Reports page on any alerts generated from multiple signatures at the same time. For example, you can search for “iam-004, sss-008" to get alerts for these two signatures.

Run Reports

The Evident service runs a scan every hour and compiles alert data as reports. If you want to generate a report on demand use the pulldown menu to generate reports for all, one or more teams for which you want to review information.

View Combined Report

Combine your reports into a single Security Report providing a visual snapshot of all of your alerts.

Reports History

Opens the Reports History page and autopopulates the information with the selected report. (Note: the visibility of this option is dependant on your Evident license. Contact Us to request a change to your license.

Each report has two buttons next to it that allow you to drilldown to find additional information.




Opens a graphical display of the history of this report via date and alert severities.

View Report

Opens the Security Report page and auto populates it with the selected report information.

To suppress an alert, from the report view, you can modify the Alerts > Details.