View the GlobalProtect App Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Logs on the Explore App

You must use the Explore app to view all GlobalProtect app troubleshooting reports and diagnostic logs that are forwarded to Cortex Data Lake from the end user’s endpoint. The details within the GlobalProtect app troubleshooting and diagnostic logs help you to identify the root cause and to resolve connectivity, network access, or performance issues.
  1. Retrieve the GlobalProtect app troubleshooting and log records forwarded to Cortex Data Lake.
    1. Log in to the Palo Alto Networks hub and select
    2. Select
      Endpoint/GlobalProtect App Troubleshooting
  2. View the entire troubleshooting or diagnostics log record.
    1. Click the icon next to the row.
      You can change the fields that are displayed in the log table, their order, which fields are pinned, and to use the Search field to quickly find specific fields in the troubleshooting log from the end user’s endpoint. For example, you can retrieve the endpoint serial number, hostname, username, or the endpoint’s unique host ID.
    2. Verify the entire troubleshooting and diagnostics log record in the
      Log Details
      window. The log record may only include troubleshooting information or diagnostic log based on user consent.
      The individual log fields are placed into logical groupings. If you did not enable the app to run diagnostic tests and to include diagnostic logs, the log fields for the
      Endpoint State
      GlobalProtect App Health
      Gateway Network Impairments
      , and
      App Access Performance
      groups are empty.
    3. (
      ) If end users have consented to run diagnostic tests on the GlobalProtect app, click
      Debug Logs
      to download the GlobalProtect debug log files to your desktop for further analysis.
      You can unzip the GlobalProtect debug log files from the
      zip package. You can enter the
      search criteria in the Search field to quickly find
      zip package.

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