View and Collect GlobalProtect App Logs

View details about remote end user issues in the GlobalProtect app logs.
You have two options for collecting GlobalProtect™ app logs from the end users’ endpoints:
  • Collect logs—End users must manually collect the GlobalProtect app logs.
  • Report an issue—End users report an issue directly to Cortex Data Lake to which the administrator can access when they experience unusual behavior such as poor network performance or a connection is not established with the portal and gateway.
    In order for the GlobalProtect app to send troubleshooting logs, diagnostic logs, or both to Cortex Data Lake for further analysis, you must configure the GlobalProtect portal to enable the GlobalProtect app log collection for troubleshooting. Additionally, you can configure the HTTPS-based destination URLs that can contain IP addresses or fully qualified domain names of the web servers/resources that you want to probe, and to determine issues such as latency or network performance on the end user’s endpoint.
Use the following steps to view or collect GlobalProtect logs:
  1. Launch the GlobalProtect app.
  2. From the status panel, open the settings dialog ( ).
  3. Select
  4. From the GlobalProtect Settings panel, select
  5. Select either
    from the
    Logging Level
  6. (
    Windows only
    ) View your GlobalProtect logs:
    1. Select
    2. Choose a
    3. Start
      viewing logs.
  7. (
    Collect Logs
    to send to your GlobalProtect administrator for troubleshooting.

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