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Use the GlobalProtect Agent for Mac

This chapter applies to you if your setup requires you to enter GlobalProtect login credentials after you have logged into your endpoint.
We usually recommend that an organization let its GlobalProtect users log in transparently after agent installation. With transparent GlobalProtect login, after you log in to your endpoint, the GlobalProtect agent starts running and connects to the corporate network without further input from you.
If your setup displays a prompt to enter GlobalProtect credentials, follow the applicable steps in this chapter.
  1. Connect to the GlobalProtect portal or gateway.
    You can determine if you are connected by checking the GlobalProtect menu bar icon. The icon contains a red circle with an ‘x’ ( ) if you are not connected, and
    appears when you hover over the icon.
    1. Click the GlobalProtect menu bar icon ( ) and select one of the following options to connect to the GlobalProtect gateway. (the second option is available only if the administrator enabled manual gateway selection):
      • Connect
        —The agent automatically selects the gateway. The gateway the agent selects depends on the configuration defined by the administrator and the response time of the available gateways during the connection attempt.
      • Connect to
        —You select a gateway from the menu. Alternatively, you can select
        Auto Discovery
        to let the agent pick the best gateway.
    2. If prompted, enter your
      and then
      . When the agent connects, the GlobalProtect menu bar icon changes to a globe with a shield ( ) and
      displays when you hover over the icon.
  2. Open the application.
    Click the GlobalProtect menu bar icon ( ) and click
    Show Panel
    to launch the agent interface.
  3. View information about your network connection.
    Select a tab to view information about your network connection:
    • Home
      —Displays your connection status, along with any warning and error messages.
    • Host State
      —Displays data from your host information profile (HIP), such as the HIP refresh interval, details about the anti-virus software on your host, details on present or missing patches, and more.
      If your administrator configures the
      value for missing patches as a HIP match condition, use the following mappings between the GlobalProtect severity values and the OPSWAT severity ratings to understand what each value means:
      Severity Value Displayed on the GlobalProtect Agent
      OPSWAT Severity Rating
    • Details
      —Displays information about your connection, including the portal and gateway to which you connected.
    • Troubleshooting
      —Displays information about your network configuration, route settings, active connections, and logs.
  4. Log in by using a new password.
    If the GlobalProtect administrator has selected the option to save user credentials in the GlobalProtect portal configuration, your credentials are automatically saved. If your password for accessing the corporate network changes, then you must log in to GlobalProtect using your new password.
    1. Click the GlobalProtect menu bar icon ( ).
    2. Select
      Show Panel
    3. Select the
      tab and
    4. When the login screen appears, enter your new
      and then

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