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GlobalProtect App for Linux Requirements and Features

The GlobalProtect app for Linux has software and hardware requirements and supports the features in this topic.
The following tables describe the requirements and features of the GlobalProtect app for Linux.
GlobalProtect App for Linux Requirements
x86 instruction set with 64-bit processor
256MB minimum
Disk space
100MB minimum
Operating systems
Palo Alto Networks supports GlobalProtect on multiple Linux operating systems. To determine the minimum GlobalProtect release for a specific operating system, refer to Where Can I Install the GlobalProtect App? in the Palo Alto Networks® Compatibility Matrix.
  • .deb
  • .rpm
  • .tar
Portal and gateway support
PAN-OS 7.1 and later releases
GlobalProtect Subscription on each gateway that supports Linux endpoints.
GlobalProtect App for Linux Features
  • SSL
  • IPSec
GlobalProtect app for Linux supports one tunnel per Linux endpoint.
User interface
Command-line interface (CLI) only
Portal and gateway authentication
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Client certificate authentication
  • SCEP for certificate distribution
  • Server certificate validation
  • Authentication cookies
  • IP addressing—IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Split tunneling (include and exclude routes)
Manual proxy server configuration
HIP data collection
Host state information only
Upgrade capability
Manual upgrades only
Status reporting
  • Notifications
  • Errors
Connect method
  • User-logon
  • On-demand
App customization
For more information, see Customize the GlobalProtect App.
  • Connect Method (see above for options)
  • GlobalProtect App Config Refresh Interval
  • Allow Endpoint User to Disable GlobalProtect App
  • SCEP Certificate Renewal Period (days)
  • Enable Rediscover Network Option
  • Enable Resubmit Host Profile Option
  • Allow Endpoint User to Change Portal Address
  • Allow Endpoint User to Continue when Portal Server Certificate is Invalid
  • Custom Password Expiration Message (
    LDAP Authentication Only
  • Maximum Internal Gateway Connection Attempts
  • Portal Connection, TCP Connection, and TCP Receive Timeouts
  • Passcode/Confirm Passcode
  • Max Times User Can Disable, and Disable Timeout

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