End-of-Life (EoL)

Uninstall the GlobalProtect App for Chrome OS

Use the following steps to uninstall the GlobalProtect app from your Chromebook. Keep in mind that by uninstalling the app, you will no longer have VPN access to your corporate network and your endpoint will not be protected your company’s security policies.
You can uninstall the GlobalProtect app from Chromebooks only if it is installed manually or is standalone. If the app is deployed from the Google Admin console, you cannot uninstall it.
  1. Exit the GlobalProtect app.
  2. Click the Chrome App Launcher and select
    All Apps
  3. Two-finger tap (or
    -click) on the app and select
  4. When prompted to confirm the removal, click
    . The Chromebook uninstalls the app and removes it from the launcher.

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