End-of-Life (EoL)

Gateway Location Visibility

GlobalProtect uses the automatic gateway selection algorithm to connect end users to the best available gateway. This algorithm is based on the the SSL response time, the priority_of_the gateway, and the source region of the end user. If users experience unusual behavior (such as latency and poor network performance) after connecting to a gateway, they must be able to identify the location of the gateway. Starting with GlobalProtect app 5.0, the GlobalProtect app now displays the physical location of the gateway to which end users are connected. End users can send this location information to their support or Help Desk professionals to assist with troubleshooting. They can also use this location information to determine their proximity to the gateway, which helps them evaluate whether they should try connecting to a different (closer) gateway.
On the GlobalProtect app for Windows and macOS endpoints, the gateway location is displayed on both the status panel and the
tab of the GlobalProtect Settings panel:
On the GlobalProtect app for iOS and Android endpoints, the gateway location is displayed on both the home screen and the Settings screen (when you tap the information ( ) icon for additional connection information):

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