End-of-Life (EoL)

Portal Location Visibility

If remote users do not have the GlobalProtect app installed on their endpoints, you can configure Clientless VPN to enable them to access enterprise web applications securely through the browser-based Clientless VPN portal. If Clientless VPN users experience unusual behavior (such as latency and poor network performance) upon launching a web application, they must be able to identify the location of the portal to which they are logged in. Starting with GlobalProtect app 5.0, the Clientless VPN portal now displays the location of the portal to which Clientless VPN users are logged in. Clientless VPN users can send this location information to their support or Help Desk professionals to assist with troubleshooting. They can also use this location information to determine their proximity to the portal, which helps them evaluate whether they should try logging in to a different (closer) portal.
The portal location is displayed only for Clientless VPN users on the Clientless VPN portal landing page:

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