End-of-Life (EoL)

GlobalProtect Event Logs For Diagnosis

Learn how to troubleshoot connection issues with the GlobalProtect app using the pangp_event_log.
GlobalProtect app 5.0.6 and later
) To help you debug issues, the GlobalProtect app for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS can now capture GlobalProtect events as they occur and bundle it with the other logs in the GlobalProtectLogs.zip file. When users call in with issues, you can use the detailed messages and errors in the new pan_gp_event.log file to trace what happened and identify the stage at which the connection problem occurred.
  1. Select
    on the GlobalProtect app.
  2. Select
    Collect Logs
    to download the detailed list of events and messages to your local machine.
    The following screenshot is from the GlobalProtect app on a Windows machine.
  3. Uncompress the GlobalProtectLogs.zip file to view the pan_gp_event.log file.
    You must request the user to send you the zip file. The default file location on Windows is
    and on macOS is

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