GlobalProtect App Upgrade Considerations

GlobalProtect app version 5.1 has the following upgrade considerations:

Upgrades to 5.2.x Prevented on Windows 7 Devices

Starting with GlobalProtect app 5.2.10, a new installation restriction is introduced. With this change, users cannot install GlobalProtect app 5.2.x versions or later on Windows 7 devices. GlobalProtect app 5.1.x installation on Windows 7 continues to be supported.

Keychain Pop-up Prompts

When the GlobalProtect App is upgraded on macOS endpoints from release 5.0.x to release 5.1.x, the Keychain pop-up prompts appear, prompting users to enter their password so that GlobalProtect can access the encryption key and saved user credentials from the login keychain.
Users must enter their password and select
Always Allow
so that the Keychain pop-up prompts do not appear again.
The Keychain pop-up prompts appear only when upgrading from release 5.0.x to release 5.1.x. When the GlobalProtect app is upgraded within the 5.1.x releases, the app does not display these pop-up prompts.
The following Keychain pop-up prompt can appear when GlobalProtect requests access to the encryption key that is used to encrypt data exchanged between the GlobalProtect agent and the GlobalProtect service:
The following Keychain pop-up prompt can appear if the
Save User Credentials
option is enabled in the portal configuration:
Because of entitlements support changes, the bundle identifier, which is used with the supported mobile device management system (MDM), has changed in 5.1.x releases. The new bundle identifier is
, and has changed from
in 5.0.x releases. See Entitlements for details about keychain access groups entitlements.

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