Fix a Microsoft Installer Conflict


Fix a Microsoft Installer Conflict

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Fix a Microsoft Installer Conflict

If you
Enforce GlobalProtect for Network Access
in a GlobalProtect portal agent configuration, and then you upgrade a Windows endpoint to a newer version of the GlobalProtect app, installation can fail and the enforcement configuration can block all traffic.
This issue is caused by an OS limitation that occurs when multiple Microsoft installer (
) instances run simultaneously on a Windows endpoint. You must use the following procedure to resolve the Microsoft installer conflict:
  1. Restart the endpoint.
  2. Stop all third-party installers that are running in the background.
    1. Press
      , and then click
      Task Manager.
    2. In the
      Task Manager
      , locate all third-party
      programs that are currently running (for example,
      msiexec command line - Google Search
    3. Select the third party installer, and then click
      End Task
      to stop the installer.
  3. Restore the existing version of GlobalProtect, and then upgrade to the newer version of the app.
    1. (
      ) If necessary, re-install the existing (older) version of GlobalProtect to repair it. This step is required if the upgrade continues to fail.
    2. Allow the upgrade to proceed as expected.

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