End-of-Life (EoL)

GlobalProtect Client

The GlobalProtect client software runs on end user systems and enables access to your network resources via the GlobalProtect portals and gateways you have deployed. There are two types of GlobalProtect clients:
  • The GlobalProtect Agent
    —Runs on Windows and Mac OS systems and is deployed from the GlobalProtect portal. You configure the behavior of the agent—for example, which tabs the users can see—in the client configuration(s) you define on the portal. See Define the GlobalProtect Agent Configurations, Customize the GlobalProtect Agent, and Deploy the GlobalProtect Agent Software for details.
  • The GlobalProtect App
    —Runs on iOS, Android, Windows UWP, and Chromebook devices. Users must obtain the GlobalProtect app from the Apple App Store (for iOS), Google Play (for Android), Microsoft Store (for Windows UWP), or Chrome Web Store (for Chromebook).
The following diagram illustrates how the GlobalProtect portals, gateways, and agents/apps work together to enable secure access for all your users, regardless of what devices they are using or where they are located.

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