End-of-Life (EoL)

GlobalProtect Gateways

GlobalProtect gateways provide security enforcement for traffic from GlobalProtect agents/apps. Additionally, if the HIP feature is enabled, the gateway generates a HIP report from the raw host data the clients submit and can use this information in policy enforcement.
  • External gateways
    —Provide security enforcement and/or virtual private network (VPN) access for your remote users.
  • Internal gateways
    —An interface on the internal network configured as a GlobalProtect gateway for applying security policy for access to internal resources. When used in conjunction with User-ID and/or HIP checks, an internal gateway can be used to provide a secure, accurate method of identifying and controlling traffic by user and/or device state. Internal gateways are useful in sensitive environments where authenticated access to critical resources is required. You can configure an internal gateway in either tunnel mode or non-tunnel mode.
    You Configure GlobalProtect Gateways on an interface on any Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall. You can run both a gateway and a portal on the same firewall, or you can have multiple, distributed gateways throughout your enterprise.

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