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Deploy Agent Settings in the Mac Plist

You can set the GlobalProtect agent customization settings in the Mac global plist (Property list) file. This enables deployment of GlobalProtect agent settings to Mac endpoints prior to their first connection to the GlobalProtect portal.
On Mac systems, plist files are either located in /Library/Preferences or in ~/Library/Preferences. The tilde ( ~ ) symbol indicates that the location is in the current user's home folder. The GlobalProtect agent on a Mac client first checks for the GlobalProtect plist settings. If the plist does not exist at that location, the GlobalProtect agent searches for plist settings in ~/Library/Preferences.
In addition to using the Mac plist to deploy GlobalProtect agent settings, you can enable the GlobalProtect agent to collect specific Mac plist information from clients. You can then monitor the data and add it to a security rule as matching criteria. Device traffic that matches registry settings you have defined can be enforced according to the security rule. Additionally, you can set up custom checks to Collect Application and Process Data From Clients.
To use the Mac plist to deploy GlobalProtect agent settings:
  • Open the GlobalProtect plist file and locate the GlobalProtect agent customization settings.
    1. Use Xcode or an alternate plist editor to open the plist file:
    2. Then go to:
      /Palo Alto Networks/GlobalProtect/Settings
    3. If the
      dictionary does not exist, create it. Then add each key to the
      dictionary as a string.
  • Set the portal name.
    If you don’t want the user to manually enter the portal address even for the first connection, you can pre-deploy the portal address through the Mac plist. Under the PanSetup dictionary, configure an entry for
  • Deploy various settings to the Mac client from the Mac plist, including configuring the connect method for the GlobalProtect agent and enabling single sign-on (SSO).
    View Customizable Agent Settings for a full list of the keys and values that you can configure using the Mac plist.

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