Deploy the GlobalProtect App Using the Chromebook Management Console

The Chromebook Management Console enables you to manage Chromebook settings and apps from a central, web-based location. From the console, you can deploy the GlobalProtect app to Chromebooks and customize VPN settings.
Use the following workflow to manage policies and settings for the GlobalProtect app for Chrome OS:
  1. View the user settings for the GlobalProtect app.
    1. From the Chromebook Management Console, select Device managementChrome managementApp management.
      The console displays the list of apps configured in all organization (org) units in your domain and displays the status of each app. Click an app Status to display the org units to which that status is applied.
    2. Select the GlobalProtect app and then select User settings.
      If the app is not present, SEARCH for GlobalProtect in the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Configure policies and settings for everyone in an org unit.
    1. Select the org unit where you want to configure settings and configure any of the following options:
      Selecting the top-level org unit applies settings to everyone in that unit; selecting a child org unit applies settings only to users within that child org unit.
      • Allow installation—Allow users install this app from the Chrome Web Store. By default, an org unit inherits the settings of its parent organization. To override the default settings, select Inherit, which toggles the Override setting.
      • Force installation—Install this app automatically and prevents users from removing it.
      • Pin to taskbar—If the app is installed, pin the app to the taskbar (in Chrome OS only).
      • Add to Chrome Web Store collection—Recommend this app to your users in the Chrome Web Store.
    2. If you have not already done so, create a text file in JSON format that uses the following syntax and includes the FQDN or IP address of your GlobalProtect portal:
        "PortalAddress": { 
          "Value": "" 
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    3. On the User settings page, select UPLOAD CONFIGURATION FILE and then Browse to the GlobalProtect settings file.
    4. SAVE your changes. Settings typically take effect within minutes, but it might take up to an hour to propagate through your organization.
  3. Test the connection.
    After Chrome Management Console successfully deploys the app, Test the GlobalProtect app for Chrome OS

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