End-of-Life (EoL)

Test the GlobalProtect app for Chrome OS

Use the GlobalProtect app to view status and other information about the app or to collect logs, or reset the VPN connection settings. After you install and configure the app, it is not necessary to open the app to establish a VPN connection. Instead, you can connect by selecting the portal from the VPN settings on the Chromebook.
  1. Log in to GlobalProtect.
    1. Click the status area at the bottom right corner of the Chromebook.
    2. Select
      VPN disconnected
      and then select the portal that you entered when configuring the GlobalProtect VPN settings.
      To view VPN settings before connecting, select the portal from
      Private network
      , and then click
    3. Enter the
      for the portal and click
      . Repeat this step to enter the
      for the gateway. If authentication is successful, GlobalProtect connects you to your corporate network. If enabled, the GlobalProtect welcome page will display.
  2. View the connection status. When the app is connected, the status area displays the VPN icon along the bottom of the Wi-Fi icon ( ).
    • To view the portal to which you are connected, click the status area.
    • To view additional information about the connection including the gateway to which you are connected, launch the GlobalProtect app. The main page displays connection information and (if applicable) any errors or warnings.

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