End-of-Life (EoL)

Troubleshoot the MDM Integration Service

Follow these instructions if you have trouble with event notifications or trouble authenticating to the AirWatch REST API.
  • Event notifications from the AirWatch MDM server are not received by the MDM integration service.
    1. Set the
      option (in the
      menu) to
    2. Go the User-ID agent installation folder on the Windows server and open the
      file. Look for messages similar to the following:
      The address x.x.x.x is not in the permitted ip list for event notifications.
    3. Add this IP address as a
      Permitted IP
      address (
      MDM Integration
      Permitted IP
  • Authentication to the Airwatch REST API is unsuccessful.
    Make sure that:
    • The credentials used for the MDM integration service to authenticate to the AirWatch MDM service are valid.
    • The user account used to access the Airwatch REST API has API access permissions and read-only permissions (at minimum) to data for the mobile devices and users managed by AirWatch.
    • The
      Tenant Code
      (API key) is correctly associated with the user account. Remove all unused API keys.

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