Set Up a Mobile Endpoint Management System

To set up a mobile endpoint management system, use the following workflow:
  1. Set up the GlobalProtect Infrastructure.
    1. Create Interfaces and Zones for GlobalProtect.
    2. Enable SSL Between GlobalProtect Components.
    3. Set up GlobalProtect User Authentication. Refer to About GlobalProtect User Authentication.
    4. Enable Group Mapping.
    5. Configure a GlobalProtect Gateway.
    6. Activate Licenses for each firewall running a gateway(s) that supports the GlobalProtect app on mobile endpoints.
    7. Set Up Access to the GlobalProtect Portal.
  2. Set up the mobile endpoint management system and decide whether to support only corporate-issued endpoints or both corporate-issued and personal endpoints.
    See the instructions for your mobile endpoint management system, mobile device management (MDM) system, or enterprise mobility management (EMM) system.
  3. Obtain the GlobalProtect app for mobile endpoints.
  4. Configure VPN settings for the GlobalProtect app.
  5. Configure polices that target mobile endpoints using host information.

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