Troubleshoot the MDM Integration Service

Follow these instructions if you have trouble with event notifications or trouble authenticating to the AirWatch REST API.
  • Event notifications from the AirWatch MDM server are not received by the MDM integration service.
    1. Set the Debug option (in the File menu) to Debug or Verbose.
    2. Go the User-ID agent installation folder on the Windows server, and then open the MaDebug file. Look for messages similar to the following:
      The address x.x.x.x
      is not in the permitted ip list for event notifications.
    3. Add this IP address as a Permitted IP address (MDM IntegrationSetupPermitted IP).
  • Authentication to the Airwatch REST API is unsuccessful.
    Make sure that:
    • The credentials used for the MDM integration service to authenticate to the AirWatch MDM service are valid.
    • The user account used to access the Airwatch REST API has API access permissions and read-only permissions (at minimum) to data for the mobile devices and users managed by AirWatch.
    • The Tenant Code (API key) is correctly associated with the user account. Remove all unused API keys.

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