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Resolve FIPS-CC Mode Issues

View possible FIPS-CC mode issues and the corresponding solutions.
The following table describes possible FIPS-CC mode issues and the corresponding solutions. If you encounter any issues that are not described below, please contact your GlobalProtect™ administrator for troubleshooting assistance.
The GlobalProtect app fails to initialize in FIPS-CC mode due to a FIPS power-on self-test or integrity test failure.
After you enable FIPS-CC mode, the GlobalProtect app performs FIPS power-on self-tests and integrity tests during app initialization and system or app reboots. If either of these tests fail, the GlobalProtect app is disabled and the About window displays the
FIPS-CC Mode Failed
error message:
Restart the app to clear the error condition. If the issue persists, uninstall and then reinstall the app.
The GlobalProtect app is unable to establish a connection in FIPS-CC mode due to a FIPS conditional self-test failure.
After the GlobalProtect app initializes in FIPS-CC mode, it performs FIPS conditional self-tests. If the self-tests fail, the GlobalProtect app terminates the session and remains disconnected.
To establish a GlobalProtect connection, you must re-authenticate to the GlobalProtect portal.
If GlobalProtect is unable to initialize or connect in FIPS-CC mode, you can access the
tab of the GlobalProtect Settings panel to view and collect logs for troubleshooting. All other tabs are unavailable until GlobalProtect connects successfully.

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