End-of-Life (EoL)

Deploy the GlobalProtect Mobile App Using MobileIron

You can deploy the GlobalProtect app to managed endpoints that have enrolled with MobileIron. After you deploy the app, configure and deploy a VPN profile to set up the GlobalProtect app for the end user automatically.
  1. Before users can register their endpoints to MobileIron, you must create a user entry for each user.
  2. To deploy the GlobalProtect app based on group membership instead of individual users, you can assign users to different user groups.
  3. After you add users to MobileIron, you can invite them to register their endpoints.
  4. The app catalog lists the mobile apps that are available to your users. You can either search for and add the GlobalProtect app from a public store (such as the Apple App Store) or upload the app directly to MobileIron as an in-house app. You must then configure the app distribution settings to indicate how the GlobalProtect app will be installed and configured on registered endpoints.

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