Manage Upgrade Options for the GlobalProtect App

The GlobalProtect cloud service manages the GlobalProtect app version that Mac OS and Windows users in your organization can download from the GlobalProtect cloud service portal.
You cannot control the version of the app that is available on the GlobalProtect cloud service portal; however, you can manage mobile users' access to the GlobalProtect app by completing the following task.
  1. In Panorama, select NetworkGlobalProtectPortals.
  2. Select the Mobile_User_Template from the Template drop-down.
  3. Select GlobalProtect_Portal to edit the GlobalProtect cloud service portal configuration.
  4. Select the Agent tab and select the app configuration.
  5. Select the App tab.
  6. In the App Configurations area, select a choice in Allow User to Upgrade GlobalProtect App to specify whether end-users can upgrade the GlobalProtect app software and, if they can, whether they can choose when to upgrade:
    • Allow with Prompt (default)—Prompt users when a new version is activated on the firewall and allow users to upgrade their software when it is convenient.
    • Disallow—Prevent users from upgrading the app software.
    • Allow Manually—Allow users to manually check for and initiate upgrades by selecting Check Version in the GlobalProtect app.
    • Allow Transparently—Automatically upgrade the app software whenever a new version becomes available on the portal.
    • Internal—Automatically upgrade the app software whenever a new version becomes available on the portal, but wait until the endpoint is connected internally to the corporate network. This prevents delays caused by upgrades over low-bandwidth connections.

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