Secure Public Cloud Deployments with GlobalProtect Cloud Service

A virtual network, also known as a virtual private cloud (VPC), is a logically-isolated segment of a public cloud where organizations can provision resources. An organization can deploy resources inside the virtual network and customize its configuration to provide security and controlled access to the resources.
GlobalProtect cloud service offers an efficient way to securely connect to cloud-based resources by onboarding a virtual network in a public cloud as a remote network. GlobalProtect cloud service establishes an industry-standard IPSec tunnel between GlobalProtect cloud service and the virtual network to provide connectivity to the resources. After you onboard a virtual network, you can define security and access controls by configuring security policies for the remote network, which eliminates the need to backhaul traffic from the virtual network to your HQ/data center sites and provides consistent policy management and control for all of your GlobalProtect cloud service remote networks.
The following topics show the VPC configuration for various public cloud providers.

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