Install Antennas

The ION 1200-C-NA, ION 1200-C-ROW, and ION 1200-C-5G-WW devices support multi-band antennas which can be easily secured to the device. The ION 1200-C-NA and ION 1200-C-ROW have three antenna SMA (F) connectors. The ION 1200-C-5G-WW has four antenna SMA (F) connectors.
Multi–Band 4G / 5G Antenna
4G - 3x SMA Antenna connectors
5G - 4x SMA Antenna connectors
Frequency Range
615-960MHz / 1500-1600MHz / 1710-2690MHz / 3300-3700MHz
Peak Gain
2.3dBi in 800MHz band, 4.4dBi in 1575MHz band, 2.6dBi in 2170MHz band, 1.7dBi in 3300MHz band, 3.8dBi in 4400MHz band
Feed Impedance
Power Handling
30 dBm
SMA (F) Connectors
Antenna Dimensions
229 mm x 28 mm x 14 mm (L x W x T)
  1. Secure the antennas to the SMA connectors located at the corners of the device.
    Rotate the antennas at 180-degree movement about the SMA connectors. Tighten the antennas by hand.
  2. Adjust the antenna orientation to receive optimal signal strength in your environment.
    It is recommended to conduct a cellular location assessment of the site to receive best signal strength before installing the ION device.
    Position the antennas to receive optimal cellular signal strength. Check the signal strength on the ION device by viewing the Cellular LED signal strength indicator or on the Prisma SD-WAN web interface.
    Do not place the antennas close to, or pointing to one another, or layover one another.
    Make sure the power cables do not cross over the antennas to avoid signal quality distortion and antenna performance degradation.
    When installing the ION on a wall or a desktop, it is recommended to orient the antennas upright and slanted slightly outwards, not exceeding 45 degrees, to improve the signal quality.

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