Power on the ION 3000

Power on the ION 3000.
Connect the power cables to the ION device and plug the device power cable into an AC power outlet. When you switch on the power, the device is powered on and the power indicator turns green.

Shut Down the ION 3000

Shut down the ION 3000 in the following ways:
  • Shut down using the Device Toolkit commands
    Run the device toolkit command
    debug shutdown
    to shut down the device.
    Ensure the device is physically accessible to turn it back on, before executing the command.
  • Shut down using the Power Switch
    Press the power switch 5 times (press and hold for 1 second, then, release) to shut down the device.

Reboot the ION 3000

Press the power switch 3 or 4 times to reboot the ION 3000.

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