Install the ION 7000 in Virtual In-Path Configuration

Learn how to deploy the Prisma SD-WAN ION 7000 in a virtual in-path concept.
The ION 7000 uses a virtual in-path concept to allow the system to perform SD-WAN operations on as it enters and exits the data center. This mode of operation allows the ION 7000 cluster to:
  • Solicit very specific traffic for specific endpoints using traditional network routing protocols.
  • Require little or no changes in the existing data center network topology.
  • Horizontally scale based on load and site number and geographic distribution.
  • In event of failure, seamlessly transition traffic to another ION 7000 or the legacy routing network.
The following figure illustrates the virtual in-path deployment architecture of an ION 7000 data center.
To set up the ION 7000 virtual in-path deployment, configure the system with the following port types:
If the ION 7000 is DHCP-enabled, no additional configuration is required. If the device is not DHCP-enabled, you need to configure the device using the static IP address.

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