ION 7000 Internet Ports

Set up internet ports on the Prisma SD-WAN ION 7000 to receive inbound VPN connections from the internet.
The Prisma SD-WAN ION 7000 uses the internet ports to receive inbound VPN connections from the internet. Typically, ION 7000 devices use one internet port per data center, and this port must be able to receive traffic from the internet.
This internet port must allow inbound UDP 4500 to the ION 7000 from remote ION devices. If a firewall or NAT is used outside the ION 7000 on this port, UDP 4500 needs to be port-forwarded or passed-through from the firewall or NAT device.
To pre-cable the internet ports before configuration:
  1. Plan the number and the type of ION 7000 ports you need for VPN configuration.
  2. Physically plug in the ports from the ION 7000 devices to the appropriate devices.
  3. Record the ION port numbers and connecting device port information for future reference.

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