ION 7000 Peering Ports

The Prisma SD-WAN ION 7000 uses the peering port to communicate with WAN routers using BGP.
The Prisma SD-WAN ION 7000 uses the peering ports to communicate with WAN edge or core or WAN distribution routers using BGP. The routers may be connected using one physical port per router, or multiple routers can share a single port by using a shared Layer 2 VLAN.
The below figure shows the peering port topologies of an ION 7000.
Depending on the number, type and choice of routers and Layer 2 or Layer 3 configurations, the number of peering ports you require may vary. However, any non-controller port may be used for a peering port. These ports are setup and identified at configuration time.
To pre-cable the peering ports before configuration:
  1. Plan the number and the type of ION 7000 ports needed for peering configuration.
  2. Physically plug in the ports from the ION 7000 devices to the appropriate routers or switches.
  3. Record the ION port numbers and connecting router or switch port information for future reference.

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