PA-3200 Series Back Panel

Learn about the PA-3200 Series firewall back-panel components.
The following image shows the back panel of the PA-3200 Series firewall and the table describes each back-panel component. The PA-3220, PA-3250, and PA-3260 back-panel components are identical.
System drive
One 240GB solid-state drive (SSD) used to store the PAN-OS system files, system logs, and network traffic logs.
Exhaust fan tray
Provides ventilation and cooling for the firewall.
Ground studs
Use the two-post ground stud to connect the firewall to earth ground. The firewall ships with a 6AWG two-post ground lug (attached to the ground studs) but does not include a ground cable.
PS1 and PS2
power supplies
Use the power supply inputs (either AC or DC depending on the installed power supply type) to connect power to the firewall. The second power supply is for redundancy. When facing the back of the firewall, PS1 is on the left and PS2 is on the right.

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