PA-7000 Series Firewall Log Processing Card (LPC)

The Log Processing Card (LPC) is a dedicated log card (similar to the LFC) that performs all logging functions and local log storage for the dataplane logs. You can also configure the firewall to forward logs from the LPC to an external log collection system that you define. The LPC contains four disk drives used to store dataplane logs. The disk drives are contained in Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMCs) that enables you to hot-swap a drive if it fails. The management logs (
, and
) are stored on an internal SSD located on the SMC.
There is one LPC model used for both the PA-7050 and PA-7080 firewalls and there is no special configuration required for the firewall to use the LPC for logging.
On the PA-7050 firewall, you must install the LPC in slot 8 and on the PA-7080 firewall you must install the LPC in slot 7. The LPC with at least one formatted drive must be installed for chassis operation. During normal operation, all four drives should be installed in two RAID 1 pairs for redundancy.

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