PA-7000 20GQ NPC Component Descriptions

The following image shows the PA-7000 20GQ front-panel components and the table describes the front-panel features.
SFP+ ports
12 enhanced small form-factor pluggable ports with SFP and SFP+ transceiver compatibility. You can use either 1Gbps or 10Gbps in each port.
QSFP+ ports
Two quad small form-factor pluggable (QSFP+) 40Gbps Ethernet ports as defined by the IEEE 802.3ba standard.
LED dashboard
Four LEDs that provide NPC status. For details on the LEDs, see Interpret the PA-7000 20GQ NPC LEDs.
Mounting Screws
One screw on each side of the NPC to secure the NPC to the chassis.
NPC installation and removal hardware
Thumb screws and levers used to install and remove the NPC. There are thumb screws and double-lever release latches on each side of the card. Each inner lever contains a micro-switch and when you simultaneously pull both inner levers outward to release the outer ejector levers, the NPC will power off. Only move these levers if you intend to remove the card.

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