Activating Partner Applications

Activate partner applications to use them in the hub.
In the hub, there is a list of available partner apps. These are offered by various vendors who provide solutions based on Cortex
data. Partner apps use mechanisms that are internal to Cortex and designed to support integration with applications and services offered by vendors around the world.
A partner app is usually a service that provides a solution. The service is owned, hosted, and operated by the partner, so to use a partner app, you must register for the service. To discover how to get an account with the service,
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in the tile for the app under
Partner Apps on the Cortex Platform
. If you want to use the app,
Activating partner apps is similar to activating Palo Alto Networks apps but with a few important differences. When you first click on an app after it appears in your available apps,
  1. You are usually (but not always) prompted to log in to the app or to create an account with the app and then log in. The app should then walk you through the process for onboarding a new user.
  2. You are asked to
    access to your data.
    If you don't allow access, the app cannot function correctly. For information about why an app is requesting permissions, refer to the product documentation for the app.

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