App Deactivation (Deletion)

You can delete applications that you are using from the hub.
You can deactivate active app instances from your account in the hub. Deactivation, or deletion, removes internal Cortex resources that the app instance requires for operation, including any permissions that the app requires to access your data.
Deactivating a partner app does not cancel any accounts you have with the partner's service, nor does it remove any data that the app collected and stored. See the product documentation for the app to find out what you should do if you no longer want to use the app and to understand the data retention policies of the service.
In some cases, you can delete Palo Alto Networks apps using the hub. Depending on the app, deleting it can also remove your data (for example, deleting a Directory Sync Service instance will cause your Active Directory data to be deleted from Palo Alto Networks servers).
To deactivate an app, you must have the Instance Administrator role (or a higher-level role) for that app. If you have the proper role, log in to the hub, go to Settings, and locate the app. Hover your cursor over the app name and you'll see a trash can that you can click to deactivate the app.
In the resulting dialog, select the reason that you are deactivating or deleting the app and then

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