Role Migration Notes

If you used the hub (previously called the Cloud Services portal) prior to April 2019, these are role management changes of which you should be aware.
If you were a user of the hub, or if you managed the activation of Application Framework apps, prior to April 2019, then there are significant changes in terms of how user roles are managed. Be aware that for Application Framework apps, user roles are no longer managed in the Customer Support Portal. Instead, you manage these roles in the Cloud Services Portal. Further, the list of roles with which you may be familiar have changed. In some cases, they have collapsed to a single role, while in others the list of roles available for an app has changed. Finally, the names of some, but not all, Application Framework apps and services have changed.
This topic outlines these differences.
For a description of the new Role Management user interface, see Manage App Roles.

Terminology Change

Palo Alto Networks Application Framework properties changed names in February of 2019. The remainder of this topic will use the new product names identified in the following table:
Old Name
New Name
Application Framework
Cortex, or Cortex platform
Cloud Services Portal
Logging Service
Cortex Data Lake
Cortex XDR™ – Analytics
This is now just one piece of a larger suite of applications, which are collectively known as Cortex XDR. The other half of this suite is Cortex XDR™ – Investigation and Response.
All other product names have remained the same.

Role Management Changes

Prior to April, 2019, you managed all roles in the Customer Support Portal. Now, you manage roles specific to Cortex apps and other properties using the hub. All other role management remains in the Customer Support Portal.
Where you previously had a role that was specific to an app (for example, the Magnifier role), you now have a single role (Instance Administrator) that is granted to a user for a specific app.
Some apps (for example, Traps) implement a constellation of roles which you can grant to a user. These roles are managed in the hub, but you should refer to the product documentation for the app in order to obtain details on these app-specific roles.
When Palo Alto Networks migrated role management from the Customer Support Portal roles to the hub, existing users received the following roles:
Customer Support Portal Role
Hub Role
Super User
Account Administrator
Standard User
Limited User
Super User and one of the CSP app roles
Account Administrator
Standard User and Directory Sync Service
App Administrator for Directory Sync Service.
Standard User and Logging Service
App Administrator for Cortex Data Lake.
Standard User and Magnifier
App Administrator for Cortex XDR – Analytics.
Standard User and Traps
App Administrator for Traps.
Standard User and XDR
App Administrator for Cortex XDR – Investigation and Response.

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