Send Vulnerabilities to Nuvolo

Manually send vulnerabilities from IoT Security through Cortex XSOAR to Nuvolo to make work orders.
From the IoT Security portal, send a vulnerability through Cortex XSOAR to Nuvolo. Cortex converts it into an incident before forwarding it to Nuvolo where a user can create a work order to investigate it.
  1. Click
    , click a vulnerability name, and then select the check box of a vulnerability instance.
  2. Click
    Send to
    The Send to Nuvolo panel appears.
  3. Enter a priority number using the priority numbering system in Nuvolo, add a comment, and then click
    The action “Sent to Nuvolo” appears in the Vulnerability Responses column. If you don’t see this column, click the Columns icon ( ) and select
    Vulnerability Responses
  4. Log in to Nuvolo and check the Security Queue for receiving security incidents from IoT Security.
    You can also send a vulnerability to Nuvolo from the Risks section of the Device Details page.

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