Application Usage

The Application Usage Dashboard gives you visibility into the applications in use in your network, and helps you to focus in on controlling unsanctioned and risky applications.
Know the security challenges associated with the applications traversing your network. Application Usage findings can help you to refine your security policy to control unsanctioned and risky applications.
sanctioned apps
you see in this dashboard are apps with the sanctioned tag; go to
to see your sanctioned apps or to tag apps as sanctioned.
Application Usage data includes:
  • An overview of the applications on your network, including risk, sanction status, bandwidth consumed, and the top users of these applications.
  • Most used application types
  • Applications with the most data transfer
  • The top application types on your network
  • The most heavily used applications on your network
  • The users with the most applications
  • The users with the most data transfer
If an app is a container app, then the displayed statistics are a roll-up of all the applications in the container. For example, gmail is a container app (there is no app-id for gmail). It groups applications such as gmail-posting, gmail-downloading, gmail-uploading, and so forth. The risk score set for this container app is the highest risk score found for the contained applications. All other metrics are calculated by summing the values found for the contained applications.
Share, Download, and Schedule Reports for a Dashboard
For all dashboards, you can download, share, and schedule reports covering the data a dashboard displays. Find these icons in the top right of the dashboard:

Tag Sanctioned Apps

To monitor the activity of apps on your network in your Application Usage dashboard, you must identify whether they are sanctioned or unsanctioned.
  1. Go to manage your configuration and select
  2. Click the application
    to edit an application and select
    in the Tag section.
  3. Select
    from the
    You must use the predefined
    tag. If you use any other tag to indicate that you sanctioned an application, the tag won’t be recognized and the report will be inaccurate.
  4. Click
    to exit all open dialogs.

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