DNS Security (Activity Dashboard)

Use the DNS Security dashboard to understand DNS activity in your network.
The new DNS Security dashboard shows you how your DNS Security subscription is protecting you from advanced threats and malware that use DNS. Go to
DNS Security
to have a look.
You can also filter the information displayed on the dashboard by time range, action taken, and DNS category.
DNS Requests, Malicious DNS Requests, and Subscription
  • Go to DNS Security > Summary
    View your total DNS requests, the proportion of them that are malicious, and when your DNS Security subscription will expire.
High-Risk DNS Category Trend
  • Go to DNS Security > Summary
    Examine the trend of high-risk DNS requests according to DNS category or according to the action taken against them.
High-Risk DNS Category Distribution Across Actions
  • Go to DNS Security > Summary
    Examine the kinds of actions the firewall is taking against particular high-risk DNS categories.
  • Go to DNS Security > Summary
    Learn more about the top domains accessed in your network.
DNS Resolvers
  • Go to DNS Security > Summary
    Monitor malicious and suspicious DNS resolution activity in your network. View the top DNS resolvers that resolve to malicious domains and the resolvers that are resolving a suspiciously low number of DNS requests.
DNS Requests
  • Go to DNS Security > DNS Requests
    View a record of the DNS requests that DNS Security identified on your network.
Share, Download, and Schedule Reports for a Dashboard
For all dashboards, you can download or share covering the data a dashboard displays. Find these icons in the top right of the dashboard:

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