Executive Summary

See exactly how your Palo Alto Networks subscriptions are protecting you.
The Executive Summary dashboard shows you how your Palo Alto Networks security subscriptions are protecting you.
Your Coverage, In Numbers
This report gives you the numbers on the malicious activity your subscriptions are detecting and preventing:
  • high-risk applications
  • severe threats (exploits, malware, and C2)
  • malicious web activity
  • file-based threats (including never-before-seen threats)
  • data loss
Peer data in this dashboard gives you a view into your industry’s threat landscape and how your security coverage compares to similar organizations. This industry data is also shown for subscriptions you’re not using; this helps you to see if there are places where you can increase coverage to close security gaps.
Here’s a close-up of the kind of data this dashboard provides—here, you can see the work WildFire is doing to protect your network and your industry. ➡
Share, Download, and Schedule Reports for a Dashboard
For all dashboards, you can download or share covering the data a dashboard displays. Find these icons in the top right of the dashboard:

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The activity Summary breaks down malicious activitiy in your network that these subscriptions are detecting:
Threat Prevention
DNS Security
URL Filtering
, and
Enterprise DLP
The tabs for each subscription dive deeper—these tabs can help you to connect the numbers you’re seeing in the activity summary to policy settings: security rules with the most threats, most visited malicious URLs, and apps delivering the most file-based threats.
Important to know
When you share or schedule this report to be delivered as a PDF, the PDF only includes the
section of the report. It doesn’t include the details in the subscription tabs — the data in these tabs is available only in the activity dashboard.

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