Introducing Okyo Garde with Prisma Access!

Okyo Garde with Prisma Access brings SASE to the home network; it's neatly packaged to be deployed in employees' homes to support work-from-home use cases. 

Okyo Garde:

  • Extends SASE to provide an “office-like” secure network environment for the home

  • Segments the corporate network from the employee’s personal network at home

  • Gives SOC/IT visibility and control over the in-home corporate network while ensuring personal network activity is not visible to IT admins

  • Provides fast, reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home

  • Allows for prioritization of corporate network traffic with QoS controls

  • Protects the whole home from phishing, malware, and other attacks, including on personal and IoT devices

Okyo Garde Enterprise Edition is an add-on license for Prisma Access, and is supported for both Cloud Managed and Panorama Managed Prisma Access deployments. Once you have your license, here's how to get started.