Customize Okyo Subscription Removal Confirmation

When you remove an Okyo subscription from an employee, we’ll send them an email notifying them of the change. We’ll also give them the option to continue using Okyo Garde on their own. You can customize the email that’s sent when you remove subscriptions from employees.
Follow these steps to add a custom message to the email employees receive:
  1. Select
    Okyo Garde
    Company Settings
    from the sidebar.
  2. Go to the
    Subscription Removal Confirmation
    panel and select
    Add Message
    Preview of Subscription Removal Confirmation
    screen opens.
  3. Enter your message text.
  4. Select
    You’ll see a preview of your email. Select the
    Highlight the added message
    checkbox to see your custom message.
  5. Select
    to finish customizing the subscription removal confirmation.

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