Getting Started

Use Okyo Garde with Prisma Access to add employees, to assign Okyo Garde subscriptions to employees, to monitor usage, and to view details about Okyo Garde routers and mesh nodes in your organization. Now that you’ve got the keys to Okyo Garde, let’s take it for a spin!

Get Started with Okyo Garde

To use Okyo Garde with Prisma Access for the first time, follow these steps:
  1. Click the link in the email we sent you.
  2. If you don’t already have a Palo Alto Networks Support account, you will be prompted to set up your account password. Follow the onscreen instructions.
    After you set up your password, you will be redirected to the Prisma Access login page.
    Take your First Look at Okyo Garde with Prisma Access for information about how to navigate the subscription manager. If this is your first time using Prisma Access, be sure you follow the prerequisite steps to enable mobile users to access the corporate resources in your organization for either Cloud Managed or Panorama Managed Prisma Access.
  3. Start managing your Okyo Garde subscriptions:

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