View Okyo Garde Employee Details

screen is the place to view and manage your organization’s employees and subscriptions. Sort and filter employee information to see what matters to you most, and even export that information to a file you can download and share.

To view a list of employees, select
Okyo Garde
from the sidebar.
A) Total number of employees
Shows the total number of employees administrators have added to Okyo Garde with Prisma Access.
B) Filter by columns
Filter the list of employees by employee name, email, subscription status, device, or location. See Okyo Garde Overview to learn more about the four subscriptions statuses.
To sort the list by these categories, click a column header.
C) Show / Hide columns
Show or hide columns to improve visibility.
D) Download CSV
Export your employee list and save it to your computer.
E) Delete
Remove employees’ information from Okyo Garde.
F) Manage Subscriptions
Manage Okyo Garde subscriptions for your company’s employees.
G) Reset Filters
Remove your custom filters.
H) Add
I) Employee list
Employees, their subscriptions, and their devices become part of this list as you add them. For a given row, hover your cursor over:
  • Subscription Status
    to see details of a particular employee’s subscription.
  • Device(s)
    to view logs for a particular device.

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