Add Okyo Garde Mesh Subscriptions to Existing Subscriptions

Want to extend network coverage in employees’ homes using true mesh technology? Add mesh subscriptions to their existing Okyo Garde subscription.
If you haven’t assigned Okyo Garde subscriptions to your employees yet, you’ll need to do that first.
To add mesh subscriptions to an existing employee subscription, follow these steps:
  1. Select
    Okyo Garde
    from the sidebar.
  2. Select
    Manage Subscriptions
    Add Mesh Subscriptions
    Add Mesh Subscriptions
    window opens.
  3. Choose the
    Number of Mesh Subscriptions
    you want.
  4. Select
    Add Mesh
    to confirm.
    An email is sent to the employees you’ve assigned mesh subscriptions to.
    • You add a custom message to the email that’s sent to employees.
    • You can assign up to 4 Okyo mesh nodes to a single employee at one time.

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