Your Network Settings at a Glance

Network Settings
screen is the place to view and manage your company’s corporate SSID and internet access for employees’ homes. You’ll need to
Push Config
for changes you make on this screen to take effect. After you
Push Config
, online devices are updated immediately, and offline devices are updated the next time they connect to the Okyo cloud.

To view your network settings, select
Okyo Garde
Network Settings
from the sidebar.
A) Corporate Network
B) RADIUS Servers
Add RADIUS servers for authentication, authorization, and accounting.
C) Network Address Translation
Set whether Prisma Access uses NAT to map the network address of device traffic to an IP from the Infrastructure subnet before sending it to your corporate network.
D) Direct Internet Access
Give trusted applications direct internet access to conserve bandwidth and reduce latency for employees who use them at home.

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