The Employee Experience

Understanding what employees get out of Okyo Garde will give you some context for your role as an administrator. An employee—let’s call her Harrah—starts with the onboarding process, and then secures her home network with Okyo Garde.


Employee onboarding is usually a four-part process. To get started, Harrah needs to complete the following steps.
  1. Learn about Okyo Garde.
    1. Harrah receives a welcome email.
      The welcome email is generated automatically when you assign Harrah an Okyo Garde subscription.
    2. Harrah follows instructions in the email from Palo Alto Networks to get the Okyo Garde router. She downloads the Okyo Mobile app while she waits for the router to arrive.
  2. Unbox Okyo Garde
    1. Harrah’s Okyo Garde router arrives at her home.
    2. Harrah unboxes the device and follows the instructions in the app to set up the corporate network.
  3. Set up corporate network
    1. Harrah logs in to the Okyo Mobile app.
      You’ve already set up SSO for her using Okyo Garde with Prisma Access ahead of time.
    2. Harrah scans the QR code on her Okyo Garde router, and then plugs it in.
      Her Okyo Garde router is activated.
      If any updates are available, they’re installed, and the corporate network is set up automatically. She repeats this step for any mesh nodes she’s been assigned. She’ll be able to connect her company computer and work devices and access company resources using this corporate network.
  4. Set up personal network
    1. Although it’s optional, Harrah taps
      Add Home Protection
      in the app and follows the onscreen instructions for setting up a personal network to get more secure Wi-Fi in her home that protects her entire household.
      It’s private and completely separate from her work network, so she’s in control. Harrah can connect her personal and IoT devcies to this network and monitor them using the Okyo Mobile app.

Things Employees can do with Okyo Garde

To secure her personal network, Harrah can:
  • Monitor and manage people and devices
    Harrah sees devices on her home network, assigns devices to profiles for people in her household who use those devices, and blocks devices that don’t belong on her network. She can even pause the internet for all devices assigned to an individual or for all devices on a specific profile.
  • Manage security settings
    Harrah sets content filters by category, blocks individual websites, and receives notifications when someone attempts to access restricted content. She’s even notified when Okyo Garde prevents security incidents she hadn’t planned for, such as phishing and malware attacks.

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